British flatbreads (something very similar to Italian Pizza) would feature on the menu at Jamie Oliver's new restaurant. A a traditional food with a contemporary twist.


Without a central identity system; no logo or color or typography, the identity is based on an attitude rather than a strict visual system. The attitude is born out of British post-war youth rebellion, with some classic British food institutions thrown in. The fish and chip shop, the greasy spoon, and the pub all make an appearance.


The restaurant laaunched to mixed reviews and found it difficult to gain any real support. The Covent Garden location still  trades strongly and the future could yet still be bright!

During the period that the restaurant was being built, we decided that we'd do something a little different with the hoardings.

Flyposting in London is now illegal, so what better place to paste them up than here. All the pizzas became bands and the brand became a rockstar.

All the signage was installed inside the restaurant and the main sign sat above the huge wood-fired oven.

The JACKS is created from old letters from signs that were once in Piccadilly Circus.
The "J" is from JVC.
The "A" is from Max Factor.
The "C" is from, ummm, we forgot.
The "K" comes from TDK, and
The "S" is fron Gordon's Gin.  

The menus take their cue from the capital's greasy spoon cafés. Faux leatherette folders provide cover for the carefully typed food and drink menus.

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