With the success of Jamie's Italian in larger cities across the UK, the JI team wanted to bring the same great food and service to small towns with a simpler, stripped-back expereince.


Tratorria was born, with a smaller menu, smaller spaces and a faster turn around. The styling is more classically Italian, with a very simple type style to support it, with warm textured materials and straightforded branded elements.


The original restaurant in Richmond has been very succesful, with 2 further restaurants in Chelmsford and Tunbridge Wells launched in 2014. More to follow in 2015...

The identity system can be broken down into its constituent parts and used to create iconic piecs of communication.

The tone is always warm and classically relaxed.

The signage and shopfronts have been designed to suggest a simple, local Italian restaurant, with some classic applications such as gold foiled type on the windows and a tiled proection sign.

All aimed to say "Benvenuti!"

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