As the central space for guests and visitors at the Four Seasons at Ten Trinity Square, the Rotunda is a sophisticated bar and restaurant that serves an equally discerning clientele.


The elegant identity uses a hand-crafted typeface based on lettering from the Edwardian era.

A simple and effective device replaces the "O" and reflects the cross section of the dome.



Implemented across all menus and communication the identity emphasises the refined grace of the Rotunda experience.

Digging through the archives of the Museum of London we found the original drawings for the design of the Port of London Authority building. 

The original dome in the Rotunda was destroyed in World War 2, and completely redesigned and reconstructed for the Four Seasons Hotel.

The  elevation and plan of the original space inspired our identity, providing both the cropped "O" device and the concentric circles debossed into the leather menus.

The afternoon tea menu includes a map and the story of the Great Tea Race, which happened in 1866.

Clippers under sail raced to deliver a full cargo of tea from China to London, then winner took just under 100 days.

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