London Fields Brewery


Established in 2011, the London Fields Brewery was a pioneer in the city's now burgeoning craft beer scene.

Located in one of London's most creative and energetic boroughs, the brewery needed to reflect its locale, but also its ambition to be a bigger part of the UK and world beer market.


The strong, central, fluid mark for the brand, suggests a quality beer, consistent and well-crafted. It has impact and presence in the fridge.

The background patterns illustrate the energy and contemporary boho culture of London Fields. The elements work together to tell the new story of the brewery.

Seasonal beers will use illustrations from local artists and create a platform for some cultural engagement.


With the help of a wondeful new brand, London Fields Brewery was sold to Carlsberg in 2017 for a significant sum. The brewery will now become the sister brewery to Brooklyn Brewery in the US, and become the iconic brand it was always destined to become.

LFB produce seasonal beers throughout the year collaborating with local artists to create special edition designs for each beer.

Recent Projects