Jamie’s Italian


In 2008 there were very few restaurants serving great quality food, in a cool environment on the high street.

Jamie Oliver wanted to launch a restaurant that served the cuisine he loved the most, Italian, and an experience that was unique in the UK.


A restaurant brand based on the personality and values of the man himself, warm, colorful, informal with a passion for authentic Italian food, and obsessed with provenance.


Jamie’s Italian has become one of the most succesful casual dining brands in the UK, 

• 40 locations in the UK
• 12 international locations
• 18 planned international sites
• over 1 million meals served in 2014
• over 7000 employees

We've created a bespoke signage and shopfront package for each and every Jamie's Italian, both here in the UK and internationally.

All of them respond to the building and the environment, sympathetic to both, building links to the local community.

Our very first Jamie's in Oxford has signage made of copper, like all the academic roofs in the city. It's still gently corroding away, turning greener, year by year.

Recent Projects