Jamie Oliver at Gatwick


With Jamie’s Italian and Union Jacks under it’s umbrella, Jamie Oliver’s presence at Gatwick Airport needed more than just an awkward blend of the 2 brands.


The food-to-go offering was new to Jamie and had to carry a real sense of fun. Our obsession with airports, and particularly those crazy airport trucks, put us in a good place to create something that would stand out from the usual flight fodder.

We created a whole new identity based on the joy of flying and travel and wished the new enterprise Bon Voyage!


The brand has proven a very succesful addition to the Jamie Oliver stable of restaurants with more airport ventures planned across Europe in 2015

The primary graphic device of the brand has been styled around the design of the tags attached to your luggage at the check in desk.

Each of the food items had its own code, like a city code, and was ready to take off with you.

The boxes are designed to be robust in order to protect the food from the perils of your travel.

The graphics are bold and strong, warning other travellers that your food is dangerously delicious!

The exterior and interior of the site carry large scale typography that gently reminds customers where they are.

We also transformed a pair of Citroen H vans into airport utility vehicles, ready to deliver all the food baggage and coffee you need to survive your journey.

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