Hilton Saint Petersburg


Hilton’s brand new hotel in Saint Petersburg is anchored to the cities ExpoForum - one of the five largest exposition centres in the world.

The hotel's food and beverage offering consists of three unique venues - Parc, Grill and The Light Bar.

Identities which tell the story of each venue's distinct offering were built to align with Hilton's exceptional standards.



To help patrons navigate the three offerings, a distinctive personality was created for each of the three brands. The design helps convey the style of service and dining experience offered at each site and also helps to create texture, difference and choice for both hotel guests and locals alike.


Hilton Saint Petersburg’s food and beverage offering has received positive praise since launching its new brand.

Their addition has increased both business and cultural visitors to the hotel. In particular Grill has become a saught after destination restaurant for Saint Petersbergs A-listers!

Parc’s floral motif is inspired by the gardens of Catherine’s Palace in nearby Pushkin. It is used as a backdrop in the restaurants branding and also features in the interior design. 

Along with a menu filled with fresh produce and local ingredients, Parc’s wholesome personality is further emphasised by the use of timber and naturally textured paper stocks in the brand collateral.

Grill offers a casual yet artisanal approach to the classic steakhouse. The bespoke wordmark was crafted to reflect the restaurants passion for viand.

Olive greens and smokey greys harmonises with the moody interiors and brass clipboards and foil stamps accent the palette.

Named after Saint Petersburg famous white nights, The Light Bar’s backlit bar and chic chandelier make the venue appear to glow from within.

To play on this theme an abstract graphic was created to suggest beams of refracting light or a star constellation.  

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