The frozen yogurt market in the UK was growing and with 2 stores, and the only product made from fresh, liquid yogurt from one farm in Wales, FRAE were set to expand.


Freshness and taste are key to the graet FRAE product and our design plays on this. Taking style cues form the dairy and adopting a cheeky tone of voice, the new brand was set to launch.


After the rebrand, FRAE grew quickly from 2 stores to 8 in central London. International sites were launched in the Middle East and a retail frozen yogurt line is in the pipeline. 

The stamps begin a conversation for the brand that the rest of the text responds to. The tone is light and a bit cheeky, reflecting the product itself.

100% Fat Free?

You Licky devil!

Almost all frozen yogurt photography is cold, sterile and shot on a white background.

We wanted Frae to be different. Food and particulary frozen yogurt is such an intimate experience. We love it so much, it ends up in our mouths.

Using natural and intimate photography with a real sense of warmth.

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