London's diners don’t always want to travel into town for the big ticket restaurants. So why not more intimate, smaller, suburban places to eat and drink amazing cocktails?


The concept of a local, neighbourhood restaurant was born. Serving its surrounding area and reflecting on its heritage, Foxlow is the little sister of Hawksmoor.


The neighbourhood feel has struck a cord with diners. 17,000 people subscribed to the soft launch, and the restaurant has been solidly booked since its launch in November.

More sites are on the way...

The clock at Foxlow has become a well-known fixture on St. John Street. 

And means you'll never be late for lunch again...

Firmly locating the restaurant in its neighbourhood, we created a set of collectible postcards using historical maps of London. They're all carefully detailed with an "F" that marks the spot, using bespoke typography from the period of the map.

They've been used for all sorts of purposes, with the customisation of a number of clever rubber stamps.

Collect all 6!

This beautiful textured paper, reminiscent of the sugar paper used for school books, only comes in 3 colours.

We used them all to create lovely detailed printed pieces, like the cover of the wine list, tags for the coat check and more tags for the popcorn.

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