As one of the UK’s oldest and largest wine businesses, Enotria had an enviable wine list and an unrivalled experience and knowledge of the world of wine.

This knowledge was the key to the company’s  future.


Telling the story of the wines, and sharing their experience and knowledge was the way forward, encapsulated in the Enotria brand essence-

“Great Wine. Inspiring People”


With an invigorated brand and attitude the Enotria team have taken the company into a new stage of development. The recent annual wine tasting at the Saatchi Gallery proved the brand ‘s renewed energy with attendeance well above the previous year.

The major application of our rebrand for Enotria was their annual wine list.

It's a guide to over 1000 wines that they sell, and encapsulates the knowledge and experience of the company, built up over 40 years. The list includes information on regions, winemakers and specific wines and list the details of every wine in the warehouse.

It needed a rock solid and beautiful typographic system, that then forms the basis f the rest of the identity.

We wrote a number of copy lines that communicate the core skills and experience of the company and help to express their love of wine.

It's fantastic industry to work in and we wanted the images and the copy to really illustrate that.

As you can imagine, this was a very difficult shoot to direct.

Someone had to do it, and luckily we all got through it.

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