Curzon Idents


With a successful business consolidation and rebrand under their belt, Curzon needed to bring the experience of the new brand into the cinema with a thoughtful, considered and powerful Ident that rolls at the beginning of every feature. 

As the first thing that Curzon cinema-goers see its an important statement of intent, and should become a memorable part of every visit to all Curzon sites.



Best encapsulated in the phrase “light from the darkness” Curzon’s visual identity uses strong, colourful typography over often dark backgrounds.

This aesthetic flows through into the Ident to create a sense of consistency and unity in viewers minds. Lights swing across the screen, describing the space, choreographed in a simple dance, building to a subtle reveal of the Curzon mark.



The music was written by composer Ben Locket, with drums played by Jim White from the Dirty Three in his characteristic ethereal style.

The mood created typifies the experience of Curzon, and sets the expectation for the feature to come.


This version of the ident is played at the beginning of each film screening session.

It begins with a single bulb swinging in "over the shoulder" of the audience, startling viewers in the first act.

Bulbs continue to arc across the screen revealing elements of the identity, until the mark is clearly read.

There are a number of versions of the Curzon ident used for the Curzon sub-brands- Curzon Home Cinema and Curzon Artificial Eye.

These versions are similar but build to a graphic reveal of the Curzon logo and strapline.

The footage was shot the hard way, in a dark studio by cinematographer Oran O'Reilly using 4K technology.

We are now expert in the swinging (and sometimes smashing) of light bulbs into a dark space.

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