East meets west.

Hong Kong has always been a place where western culture collides with eastern culture. At a time when interest in Chinese culture and particularly Chinese art was peaking, what better place to establish an event where galleries from both east and west could show the most exciting artists from all over the world.


Our solution for the new art event was to create an graphic icon that would be understandable by both eastern and western audiences. The logo mark is inspired by classic Chinese chop or stamps, written in english with a literal twist to the HK, giving it the feel of a chinese character.


Since its launch in 2008 the fair become the third largest art evnt in the world, and was ultimately absorbed by Art Basel and has become At Basel Hong Kong.

Our campaigns for ARTHK always involved creating an intervention into the city, often playing with light.

In 2010 we built a neon logo, in 2011 we projected the identity throughout the markets of Kowloon, and finally in 2012 we had a reflective stainless steel logo built that created a strange reflected version of its environment.

Thanks to Chris Terry for the good times and the amazing photography.

Recent Projects